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The first ever NGO which is incessantly working for Health, Hygiene and Education of not only the deprived or marginalized people but also for the middle class who struggles time and again but fails to get the unconditional support.

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वर्तमान में अगर आप किसी चुनौती से जूझते हुए जीवन में आगे बढ़ रहे हैं जो दूसरों के लिए प्रेरणा हो सकती है तो लिख भेजिए हमें अपनी कहानी। चयनित व्यक्ति पा सकेंगे प्रशस्ति चिन्ह और एक निश्चित नगद राशि सम्मान स्वरूप। तो आज ही लिख भेजिए हमें pamperandcare@gmail.com पर।

If you are moving ahead in your life fighting with some unfavorable conditions, that can be an inspiration to others, then write us your story. The selected person will get an Award and a certain cash amount. So write us today at pamperandcare@gmail.com.

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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Articles and guides focused on helping teachers and students seamlessly integrate technology into the classroom using the latest digital tools. Offers advice, tips, and tricks along with virtual education resources and mobile apps for all major platforms.

Discovery Education

Award-winning digital content for K-12 teachers looking to transform their classroom and engage their students. Professionally produced programs, products, and services, along with weekly articles, give teachers the tools that they need for a wide variety of subjects.

Back To School

A new school year means stocking up on school supplies, picking out a new backpack, and preparing to reconnect with old friends. For students and parents, back-to-school season can bring lots of excitement, as well as some stress.

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Twinkl Education

Inspirational teaching advice for primary school, special education, and Christian education teachers. Offers teaching tips and advice along with lesson plans, online resources, PowerPoint presentations, and interactive classroom activity ideas.

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TPR Teaching

TPR Teaching was set up to inspire others who want to learn or teach English. Their goal is to provide free, reliable information on the English language

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The Shakeup Learning

Tips and tricks for educators from internationally renowned speaker and author Kasey Bell. Articles, podcasts, and webinars offer advice and full tutorials on trending teaching methods along with access to digital education resources.

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